Tarragon Chicken

Tarragon chicken

Tarragon chicken - This is a wonderful freshly flavoured dish, the crème fraîche combined with the tarragon creates a lighter version perfect for a lighter evening meal with friends

  By Finny

Flat bread

Fabulous flat bread

Gluten and dairy free, these delicious flat breads are great with all types of curries. Try adding cumin and/or fennel seeds to the dry mix for extra flavour. With this recipe you can even use the bread as a pizza base #yumyum

  By Finny

granola (grain free)

Homemade Grainfree Granola

This is a delicious grain free granola, serve with milk, yoghurt or as a grab snack on the go

  By Finny


Vegan mozzarella

Yummy! Gooey delicious perfecto.

  By Finny

Sorghum Pancakes

Gluten Free Pancakes

Yummy, healthy breakfast pancakes gluten free and dairy free is you wish! Serve with Maple or Agave syrup and fresh seasonal fruits.

  By Finny


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